Pont De Bir-Hakeim Bridge (Paris, France)

One of my favorite movies is Inception and I often find myself watching it on long plane rides when I’m sick of reading or prepping for a meeting. During one of the early scenes in the movie the Cobb (character played by Leonardo DiCaprio) is teaching Ariande (Ellen Page) about dreaming and building worlds with her imagination during the dreams. She is crossing a bridge and the Eiffel Tower is clearly visible in the background. After noticing the location a few different times watching the movie I was determined to find it when we were in Paris in March. I did a little research online and learned it was called the Pont de Bir-Hakeim Bridge. So one night shortly after sunset I walked over and setup for this shot.

Pont De Bir-Hakeim Bridge (Paris, France)

Inception Bridge (Paris, France)

I like the lines in this shot and the cars (and bus) passing by created some interesting colors in the foreground as well.

After this we walked over and took a few shots of the Ferris wheel by the Eiffel Tower before heading home.


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