Cold Morning on the “L” (Chicago, Illinois)

This winter, a few days after getting my new camera, I was super excited to try it out so I woke up early on a Sunday morning to head out and shoot the sunrise over the city. Before I got out to the Planetarium though I stopped at the Adams/Wabash “L” (Elevated Train in Chicago) stop and took a few pictures of the Trump tower.

Cold Morning on the “L” (Chicago, Illinois)

There was a surprising number of trains in the loop that morning – way more than I would have imagined on a Sunday morning when the loop is pretty dead (it’s dead most of the weekend down in the business area though). I captured the streaks of a passing train in this image but had to wait for awhile before getting shots of the clear tracks below because it seemed there were trains constantly moving through this frame.


3 thoughts on “Cold Morning on the “L” (Chicago, Illinois)

  1. Wow ….. what more can I say!!! Now one of my favorites of your art. Brilliant … you should try to sell it as postcards, because the postcards I found in Chicago isn’t the most artistic ones. This is. You have many great photo … just go for it.

  2. Great shot. Last time I was in the city, Trump Tower was still under construction. I’m visiting family this week in IL and had every intention of taking the train into the city for a little architectural photography but with Lolla going on I’ll stay in the burbs. Skyline photos taken from the Planetarium area are always nice. I look forward to seeing your shots.

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