Le Consulat (Paris, France)

One of the oldest neighborhoods in Paris, France is the tiny town/village of Montmartre. Accessible by train from the most touristy spots in Paris (like Notre Dame, the Louvre, etc…) stepping out on Montmartre is like stepping back in time (well except for all of the picture snapping tourists like myself 😉 ). There is a charm about the neighborhood – sure in alot of places there are tourists overrunning it – but the square that sits in the middle where artists gather and paint is one of the more unique areas in all of Paris. The good news is that the steep, cobbled and winding streets make it easy to get lost and lose the crowds. Don’t worry though it isn’t like Venice so as long as you keep the Sacre Couer (big church that towers over the city) in your sights you’ll always have a pretty good idea for where all the tourists are.

There are a number of charming, historic cafes like Le Consulat surrounding the Basilica and there isn’t a finer place in all of Paris to sit and relax with a glass of wine while listening to music than this establishment. It was a chilly night so they brought the entertainment inside – this allowed me to have a perfectly clear shot of the front of it all to myself. I ran around and shot a few pictures before heading back inside to finish dinner and my drink.

Le Consulat (Paris, France)

Le Consulat (Paris, France)


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