Glacier Bay (Glacier Bay National Park – Alaska)

Time sure does fly…a little over a year ago, and it certainly feels just like yesterday, we were on an Alaskan Cruise checking out the amazing coastal landscape in the Northwest US. It was much greener than I expected since I was thinking we were going to see icebergs floating in the water all around us but when we pulled into Glacier Bay National Park it was exactly what I envisioned. The ice surrounded us in all directions as the giant, million year old glaciers sat sprawled out in all their glory.

The President visited Alaska this week (thankfully we weren’t scheduled to be there this year because I’m sure they weren’t letting cruise ships near it while he was there) and made a $1.5 billion proposal to increase the funding required to run and maintain all our national parks across the US. Honestly, government wise, that isn’t a lot of money but I’m still happy to see that someone is making an effort to increase the resources it takes to protect these amazing sights. I can’t imagine a world where we can’t see this in person because (as good as I think this picture is) it doesn’t compare to being there and seeing it with your own eyes. This little image is just a small snippet of a MUCH larger glacier and the sound the glacier made as pieces dropped off of its face and into the bay is unexplainable.

Glacier Bay (Glacier Bay National Park – Alaska)

Glacier Bay (Glacier Bay National Park - Alaska)


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