Mob at the Spanish Steps (Rome, Italy)

The memories that come from looking through photos is really the primary reason why I love this hobby so much. When I look at this shot of the Spanish Steps below I can remember so vividly the sounds and smells that were around me as I crouched down and framed the shot. Without going through the photos last night its highly likely I would have forgotten all about this moment – it had just started raining (you can see some rain drops on the lens and umbrellas on the steps as tourists started to scatter) – my wife and I took the rain as a good time to go grab some dinner while we let the rain pass through. By the time dinner was over the rain was gone so I grabbed a beer and we went and stood on the steps – being harassed by vendors trying to sell us flowers, trinkets, beer or anything else they could possibly peddle.

Mob at the Spanish Steps (Rome, Italy)

Mob at the Spanish Steps (Rome, Italy)

Through photography the city lives up to its name in my mind as is truly eternal. The memories we made are as vivid today as they were two and a half years ago. We are so blessed to travel like we do – and I am getting the urge again…thank God the Smoky Mountains are only a few weeks away.

4 thoughts on “Mob at the Spanish Steps (Rome, Italy)

  1. Unreal 🙂 Looks more like a painting than a photograph – I love the pale colours of the sky sort of mirrored in the ever so pale green water fo the “Barcaccia”.

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