Closing Time in Versailles (Paris, France)

As I sit here in the lovely LAX airport at 1 AM (Chicago time) to catch the redeye back home I feel very fortunate to be planning our next vacation – South Africa – in March/April. It was a long week at work – and I’ll spend the next few weeks trying to catch up from being out of the office (in five different cities in four days) for a week straight but when I see the miles piling up in the account that make these vacations possible it is all worth it. This will be a BIG one for my wife and I as it is something we’ve both wanted to do for so long. I love that we have the same travel goals (well except for SOME reason she isn’t interested in hitting Antarctica!) and we get to take all of these amazing trips together. There is no one I’d rather spend my life with and I feel truly blessed to have found my partner in crime.

Closing Time in Versailles (Paris, France)

Closing Time in Versailles (Paris, France)

As is usual I wanted to soak it ‘all’ in so we were the last people (with the exception of the guards) to leave the Versailles museum. The guard was literally yelling at me and another guy taking this same picture to move along (I cropped her out of the left hand corner of this shot). Closing time for sure at Versailles!

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