Infirmary (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Long weekend with a lot of laughs and really enjoyed having my family over. It’s the first time that we’ve been able to really host because we never had enough room before. At points this weekend we may have had 17+ people in the place at one time but it never felt ‘small’ to us. Hoping we can do it again soon but maybe after I recover a bit….

Infirmary (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Infirmary (Philadelphia)

The Infirmary in the Eastern State Penitentiary outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

3 thoughts on “Infirmary (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

  1. Hello!!! How are you? I hope everything’s great. I am writing you because guess what? Me and my sister are visiting Chicago next week (October 8th- 12th) and we were going to stay with a friend of my brother’s BUT he told us on Monday he got deported and sent back to Spain. Apparently his papers weren’t fixed. Anyways, we’ve been searching in Airbnb and hostels but it looks like we’re out of luck because the Chicago marathon is that same week. Would you happen to know where we can look for cheaper options to stay? Or is it impossible due to that same fact?
    Thank you so much for your help.
    Sending you the best of regards 🙂

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