Hiking in the Red Rocks (Sedona, Arizona)

A few years back my wife and I piggybacked off a work trip to Phoenix and drove up to Sedona and before carrying on to the Grand Canyon. It was a fun trip and we are looking forward to next week’s trip to the Smoky Mountains for similar reasons – we will be able to get away from everything for a week and just relax. No email, phones (okay maybe a little) but for the most part we will just be out enjoying the scenery around us.

We were hiking through Sedona and saw these really interesting red rock formations in the distance. We were looking for an interesting foreground and my wife pointed out this star looking shrub and thought it would look good. I hiked over, set my camera up, framed up the shot and then take a few shots. A few minutes later I was running back to the trail and taking off my shoes, socks and pants. Apparently I stepped in an ant hill while over there and they were climbing all over me. Fortunately, they weren’t the biting kind….Happy to say I still got the picture though!

Hiking in the Red Rocks (Sedona, Arizona)

Hiking at the Red Rocks (Sedona, Arizona)

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