Royal Chapel in Versailles (Paris, France)

As the King of France, and as per tradition of the French Monarchy, you were chosen to rule by God himself. Therefore, the chapels throughout France dedicated to their kings are spectacular. This chapel located in the house that Louis the XIV built certainly fits that mold as it is masterfully designed and in pristine condition.

Unfortunately, during the tour of Versailles they do not let you into the chapel itself so you have to stand behind a velvet rope and take pictures from the outside looking in. This shot is taken from the second floor of the chapel and is where Louis the XIV would have presided over the peasants below.

Royal Chapel in Versailles (Paris, France)

Royal Chapel in Versailles (Paris, France)

In this shot I tried to use the large and ornate doors to my advantage and shot with them clearly visible in the foreground. I took some other pictures more fully zoomed in but ultimately liked this one the best because the doors themselves are interesting with their golden designs and details. Versailles is certainly a beautiful palace and it is easy to see why the chapel stands out as being one of the more stunning rooms.

2 thoughts on “Royal Chapel in Versailles (Paris, France)

  1. Wow, magical image – you never presented a bad images … stunningly beautiful, It’s like your image is 3D.
    But the wealth there was in those days and the poor people had nothing. Have a great weekend.

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