Clouds over the Valley (Glacier National Park)

One of the best drives I’ve ever been on is through Glacier National Park on the Going-to-the-Sun Road. I caught it right at the end of the season so the weather was iffy the duration of my trip so while that was a bummer for sunrise/sunset shots it was great for catching the clouds above the valley (when it wasn’t raining constantly on me).

Clouds over the Valley (Glacier National Park)

Clouds over the Valley (Glacier National Park)

We are heading home from Tennessee today. We debated going to Montana but the one thing that turned me off was the touchy weather – who knows it could have snowed in Glacier National Park this week? However, I do know there would have been a lot less people than we encountered in the Smoky Mountains. I really wanted to love it there but despite the beauty – especially in the changing fall season – I can’t fathom why anyone would enjoy the traffic/congestion/etc… that comes with the city of Gatlinburg being a bottle neck right outside of the park. The purpose of going out in nature is to get away and I just wasn’t able to do that in the Smokies so for me the trip was more stressful than my daily job.

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