Paradise near Tikal (Tikal, Guatemala)

The past few days in Chicago have been cold and grey…a preview of what the next five to six months have in store I’m sure as winter is coming soon. It has me thinking of better days – the sun, the pool, the hiking through the ruins, the heat, etc… in Tikal, Guatemala.

We spent a decent part of our two days in Tikal sitting poolside here as it was really hot when we were there (mid-90s) and since they are on generator power for the three hotels/lodges that are there it is a real challenge to get cool. The good news was they’d kick the generator on during the day really quick if you needed your poolside drink blended! Thus, it was our own little version of paradise amongst the Tikal ruins.

Paradise near Tikal (Tikal, Guatemala)

The Pool at Tikal Inn (Tikal, Guatemala)

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