Weeping Angel (New Orleans, Louisiana)

The ‘Angel of Grief’ statue first appeared in a Roman Cemetery in the late 1800s but has since been erected across the world. In New Orleans, the tomb of Chapman Hyams’ family is decorated with this stone. While walking in the Metairie Cemetery I sought this out as it has been featured in a number of movies throughout the years.

Weeping Angel (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Weeping Angel (New Orleans, Louisiana)

There is a reason why these tombs are above ground and it has to do with the water levels in New Orleans. You see it is impossible to actually bury bodies in New Orleans without having them float to the surface during the flooding that occurs so frequently. Therefore, the early settlers needed to get creative in burying those who had passed so they created above ground tombs. And not only that but families can be buried together – as long as the previous person has been buried for at least two years. At the end of two years they will place the remains from the coffin in a special bag and move those remains to a different part of the tomb before moving the next member of the family in. It may seem morbid but it is actually quite practical to do it this way and ultimately winds up taking up a lot less space. Myself, when I go, hope to be cremated so I don’t plan to take up any physical space in the after-life.

One thought on “Weeping Angel (New Orleans, Louisiana)

  1. How interesting it’s been copied! the original is here in Rome in the “Non-Catholic Cemetery”, a nice one to visit if you want to go off the beaten track. You can enjoy searching for the tombs of Keats and Shelley too .

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