Sunset over the Bow River (Banff National Park)

One of my favorite locations in Banff for taking sunset pictures is at the Castle Mountain Junction off of the scenic Highway (Bow Valley Parkway i.e. Highway 1A) that runs alongside the primary road that connects Banff with the Lake Louise area in the Canadian Rockies. The scenery looking up and down the Bow Valley River is fantastic and occasionally you get lucky with some color in the sky – like I did on this evening.

Sunset over the Bow River (Banff National Park)

Sunset over the Bow River (Banff National Park)

Like others I’ll make new years resolutions and for me it is to travel more this year. It may seem like I did a fair deal of traveling this year (and my airline miles somehow say I did) but the majority of that unfortunately was for business and I wasn’t able to take advantage of that travel this year as much as I have in the past. Therefore, I’m staring this year doing a better job of taking advantage of trips around the country with ‘side trips’ to locations I want to photograph again. In late January I’m taking a side trip back to Joshua Tree to photograph those famous trees. My last trip was back in 2013 and (hopefully) I’ve improved my photography techniques since then and will be better able to capture the sunrise and sunset in the dessert. Later this year I will take a trip out to Yosemite (FINALLY) and plan to tackle Yellowstone/Grand Teton as well (it has been FAR too long). Of course we also will spend two and half weeks exploring Southern Africa (South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and possibly Botswana) coming up in April and are scouring the internet for a vacation package that fits our budget to New York City for our six year anniversary in March. It should be a fun year and hopefully one filled with more memories (and mountains!).

6 thoughts on “Sunset over the Bow River (Banff National Park)

    • Thanks so much! I actually manually combined two photos (a ‘normal’ exposure for the trees and a ‘dark’ exposure for the mountains and sky) in order to give it a look and feel for what I actually saw when I was there. It was an incredible scene.

  1. What a stunning image with which to start 2016! And I can’t wait to see the images from your travels in the year ahead. Happy new year to you.

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