Misty Mountains (Alaska)

One thing I quickly realized on our cruise in 2014 to Alaska is that it is really challenging to take pictures from a moving boat when the light is ‘right’ for landscape photography (hour before/after sunrise or sunset). Of course I knew this before going on the trip but didn’t realize what a challenge it would present. Additionally, we were at the mercy of the boat for what the scene was when we awoke in the morning. This presented even MORE of a challenge than the moving boat because if, when the alarm went off in the morning, we were in an uninteresting part of the ocean or there wasn’t anything to really photograph on the horizon then we were essentially ‘wasting’ the good light for the day.

There were a few days – like the one below – where the alarm went off and we were fortunate to be at a nice spot along the Alaskan coastline where there were mountains, fog, mist and imposing clouds. I had to crank the ISO up in this shot to capture it with a shutter speed fast enough (1/160th of a second) to minimize any of the blur from the boat moving. This isn’t as sharp as I’d like it to be but given all the circumstances working against me I was pretty happy with it.

Misty Mountains (Alaska)

Misty Mountains (Alaska)

We are off to Florida today for a late Christmas celebration. With my wife being a nurse we are now unable to travel during the ‘real’ holidays because she is often working. It sure did make the holidays a lot less stressful this year.

3 thoughts on “Misty Mountains (Alaska)

  1. Have a good deserved (thinking of your wife, actually 🙂 ) laid-back but fun holiday – it’ll probably be so much nicer with much less vacationers around !

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