Rocky Balboa (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Sly Stallone’s story about getting Rocky produced is pretty remarkable – if you haven’t heard it he was down to his last several dollars AND had just sold his dog to try to make ends meet. As soon as the contract to produce the move was signed (after being told ‘no’ 20 plus times) he went back to the pound and picked his dog up (overpaying of course).

While it obviously does not always end this way the story of true entrepreneurs (Damon John, Sly Stallone, etc…) seems to always stem from a wall hit weeks/months before.

Rocky Balboa (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Rocky Balboa (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Rocky’s statue sits in Philly but it should probably sit in every city in the US to remind us all of the benefit to hard work, a spirit that does not quit and tenacity. The American spirit was built on the backs of that same attitude but given the political landscape I think most in this nation have forgotten that and want to instead suckle on the teat of governmental programs built to keep them from starving. If only people would pride themselves on wanting more and not sustaining on scraps.

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