Crowfoot Glacier (Banff National Park)

I was up in Calgary this week but was unable to squeeze a trip to Banff in as our upcoming vacation to Africa (two weeks – EEEEKEKKEKEK) is taking up a bunch of the year’s holiday budget. I’m still hoping to squeeze a weekend in up there in May/June but it will depend on the budget at that time. For now I love going back and revisiting old pictures. This was from June last year when I drove up the Icefields Parkway and took pictures along the road during a mildly overcast day.

Crowfoot Glacier (Banff National Park)

Crowfoot Glacier (Banff National Park)

It will likely be brief posts for the next few weeks as we prep for our trip to Africa. We are heading there pretty much on the cheap thanks to hotel points, rental car points and the plummeting Rand (15.5 to the USD). We’ve been pretty fortunate the past few years with our international travel as the strengthening dollar has helped put some funds back in our pocket!

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