Fountain of Moor (Rome, Italy)

The Fountain of Moor is located in arguably the most famous and picturesque piazza (town square) in all of Rome, Italy. The basin made of pink marble houses four Tritons blowing conch shells from which the water flows – in the center is the Moor (or Triton) standing in a conch shell and wrestling a dolphin.

Fountain of Moor (Rome, Italy)

Fountain of Moor (Rome, Italy)

A few years back a homeless man vandalized this statue when he climbed in and slammed a rock into the Moor’s head multiple times doing significant damage and breaking off his ear. It has since been fixed and when we were there in 2014 I didn’t notice anything out of place so they clearly did a great job restoring it.

3 thoughts on “Fountain of Moor (Rome, Italy)

    • Ha! I don’t sleep. It’s a BIG problem but works well for photographing touristy places. This was about 7 AM just after sunrise and I had the place all to myself. I actually sat on a bench and read a book for about an hour before the square started to come alive. I headed back to the hotel – grabbed two coffees and got along with the rest of our day.

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