Grand Central Station (New York City)

This week I spent a few days for work in New York City and while the weather was less than cooperative as it constantly drizzled/rained on my proverbial parade I still tried to get out and take some pictures during downtime from work/meetings. This was my first time in Grand Central Station and I spent some time walking around and while they certainly don’t allow tripods to just be sprawled out the architects had us photographers in mind when they positioned the staircases and wide ledges in a fantastic spot to rest a camera and hit the shutter for a steady shot at a long(er) exposure time.

Grand Central Station (New York City)

Grand Central Station (New York City)

Busy weekend with the family and then a last minute trip to Kansas City at some point next week – should be fun! Hope the weather gets a bit better in Chicago and we actually start to believe it is “spring”.

5 thoughts on “Grand Central Station (New York City)

  1. No the stairways on each side were perfectly positioned with ledges to set my camera and a bean bag to tilt the lens slightly up towards the ceiling and hit the shutter to take a long exposure. People move through so fast that you really don’t need to have too long an exposure to catch the ghost type movement.

    If I was to reprocess it I may think about cloning the couple in the lower right corner out (bright jacket) and maybe putting a vintage look to it since I can’t imagine the scene at Grand Central would look any different fifty years ago – except for maybe the plums of cigarette smoke that would be drifting overhead.

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