Under the Arch (Joshua Tree National Park)

A short, easy hike (0.3 miles) in Joshua Tree National Park brings you out to Arch Rock. The distance, or lack thereof, coupled with the accessibility makes it one of the most frequented areas in the park. Shaped somewhat like a brachiosaurus and stretching 30 or 40 feet across is a rock that forms what is known as the ‘arch’. Since I’ve never been to Arches National Park this is the closest I’ve been to something that might emulate that. Of course the stunning views of mountains in the distance that you get at Arches National Park aren’t accessible here since the only picture to be had is below it but I was fortunate with a nice blue sky and wispy clouds. I couldn’t decide on the color version or the black and white version so I posted both.

As an FYI…The next few weeks are going to be tough on not only posting but also on creating anything new. We have a new addition to the family – no not another human but a puppy and MAN are these little guys alot of work. Let’s hope he grows out of his chewing everything in sight phase before I lose my sanity!

Under the Arch (Joshua Tree National Park)

Under the Arch (Joshua Tree National Park)

Under the Arch Black and White (Joshua Tree National Park)

4 thoughts on “Under the Arch (Joshua Tree National Park)

    • Thank you very much – I really tried to stretch the arch over the entire frame and wanted to capture it from a different perspective that made it more appealing so I sort of contorted myself between two rocks and tilted the camera like 45 degrees but when I was done I thought I had a nice shot. Of course unquestionably there are about 50 other shots of this arch where I tried different things which didn’t work out quite as well.

  1. Pretty! I like the colour photo, red rocks are great. Go to Arches sometime, it’s gorgeous. And maybe not your thing, but puppy pictures are great too!

    • I want to so bad! We almost went last fall but elected to go to the Great Smokey National Park instead to see the leaves change color – which was gorgeous – but every other person in that area had the SAME idea so we sat and sat and sat (extra ‘and sat’ to add emphasis to the traffic – LOL!). How I wish we would have done Arches instead.

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