Rainforest in Alaska

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Rainforest in Alaska

Tongass National Forest Juneau Alaska

The Tongass National Forest in Southwestern Alaska is the largest national forest in all of the United States and is the largest temperate rainforest in the entire world. Alaska was nothing like I imagined it before heading to the great vast north. We didn’t go further north than Glacier Bay but I expected all of Alaska to be much like the ice planet Hoth in Star Wars. Instead it was more like the forested planet Endor that the Ewoks lived on during Return of the Jedi. Alaska was largely forest and the trees expanded in every direction – we hiked out to the Medenhall Glacier and had the opportunity to hike on the face of it before repelling down into the ice cave. On the hike back, as the sunset, I tried to stop along the way and take pictures of the lush green forest. I didn’t have time to setup my DSLR so I had to take this, and other pictures, with my point-and-shoot camera (Nikon All-Weather Camera). Given the speed of the water I was able to get some decent motion blur in a very short period of time (1 second or so). The most challenging aspect was trying to keep the camera steady throughout the shot – I had to balance this on a log, with a rock behind it.