Iconic Street in Boston

Acorn Street is often referred to as the ‘most photographed street in the United States’. It is not hard to see why. The cobblestones and narrow street take you back to a much simpler time. This street historically housed the coachmen for the more wealthy elite in Boston who resided nearby mansions on Mount Vernon and Chestnut Street. However, today this is one of the more desirable locations in all of Boston. Contained in the very affluent Beacon Hill neighborhood that is walking distance to Boston Garden and Boston Common it is not hard to see why. It is also nicely nestled between the downtown area, Fenway Park and Cambridge so hoping on the ‘T’ in Boston Common gets you to each of those locations in a matter of minutes.

Photo of the Day – Cobblestones

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I’ll be heading to the East in October again this year but this time it will be for a few days in Philadelphia. I’ll have to do my research to see what is photographic there because it is a city that I’ve never known to much about outside of it being the centerpoint for one of the best shows on TV in the past few years – “Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. I hope that is the case when I’m there because nothing spoils my good time like rain (or hopefully not snow that early).

After a Long Day of Travel…

…sometimes you just want to go where everybody knows your name. It was a pretty uneventful day in the air but it was a long day that started with a 4:30 AM wake up call and ended with me coming home about ten minutes ago. These are the days when business travel really isn’t very pretty. Unfortunately, I don’t get the day off tomorrow either (although I may try to sneak out a bit early).

Photo of the Day – Fine Boston Lager

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A classic show – the real ‘Cheers’ is nothing like the TV Show although they’ve modeled the one in Faneuil Hall in Boston very close to it. All and all Faneuil Hall is a major tourist trap (like a Navy Pier in Chicago) but even so I can’t resist pulling up to the bar and having a frosty beer with some of the all-time greats like Cliff Clavin. Maybe that’s why so many tourists come to Navy Pier in Chicago – its just one of those things you ‘have to do’?

Spending the Day with Family

Spent the day in Lakeland, Florida watching the Detroit Tigers take on the Phillies. It ended in a 5-5 tie but its just the spring training so nothing really matters as far as record goes but it’s just about the motions. I did want to wake up and catch the sunrise but the thick fog made that impossible so I stayed indoors this morning and just slept in.

Photo of the Day – Reflections

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An old church in Boston reflecting off of a more modern skyscrappper. The old building looked pretty cool with the shimmering reflection on the Prudential Center.

Play Ball (and I’m ready)

I don’t like basketball – used to watch it when I played (when I write ‘played’ that is pick up and very loosely the term ‘played’ is being thrown around because I was never very good) and while I enjoy hockey it just doesn’t translate as well on TV as it does when you are in the arena watching it live. Today is one of my favorite days of the year – the day that pitchers and catchers report for spring training. It signals the start of better things for the year and days spent in Wrigley drinking cold lukewarm beers and watching the good ole’ Cubbies play some baseball. Unfortunately, the product the Cubs are going to put on the field this year is going to be hard to watch. Thanks to modern technology though I’ll be able to watch the Tigers on the Internet any time I want to. The optimism around the team has me a bit nervous but I think it will be a good year.

Photo of the Day – Fenway Park

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I went to my first game here the summer of 2011. The experience is one that you don’t forget. We sat in a box (it was a work function) that overlooked the green monster and as I sat there watching the game I was so excited to be sitting in such a historic place. This was also before the Red Sox epic collapse so everyone in Boston was still thinking the Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzalez combination was going to lead to years of winning AL and World Series Championships. Little did they know that less than a year later Boston would blow up the whole experiment and start over with (essentially) a new roster.

The Gift of Time

It’s been a while since I posted any pictures of Boston – of course it’s been a little over a year since my wife and I last visited there. Of course at that time I was just getting into photography and wasn’t as efficient as I try to be now. Back then it was a lot more ‘spray and pray’ and upon returning home and loading the photos up on my computer I found myself not as enthused as when I was standing there taking the shots. Over the weekend I spent some time going through some old shots and seeing if I liked anything that I saw.

Photo of the Day – Sunset over the Green Monster

This shot was taken shortly before sunset from the Prudential Center in Boston. It has a great view of Fenway Park (the Green Monster) and the sky was ominous. I had to hand hold this since they don’t allow any tripods up on the observation deck. I don’t know why this picture didn’t excite me before but upon further review I like the way it turned out.

I mentioned the book The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom yesterday and then today I read that you can possibly win a free copy of the book by leaving your favorite ‘time’ quote over at a blog run by Bucket List Publications. If you haven’t ordered it yet but think you may want to read it try for a free copy – what do you have to lose?


What a day I had yesterday putting the final touches on a surprise party for my wife on Saturday night. I wanted to throw her a party because she is starting graduate school full-time in January. She has worked so hard the past eighteen months getting all of her pre-requisites done and at times it has been extremely frustrating but she followed her heart, worked hard and made it happen. I’m extremely proud of her and know she’s going to be successful at nursing school (the grad program at Rush is often regarded as one of the top programs in the US) the same way she’s succeeded at every thing else in her life.

I don’t post alot of portraits up here on the site because I want to make it more about travel photography and places that we visit – however, this is one of my favorite pictures of my wife. It was from our trip last year to Boston and she was sitting on the edge of the Pond in Boston Common feeding the ducks a bagel we stole from the hotel’s free breakfast. The fall colors in the trees in the background add to her beauty.

Photo of the Day – G in Boston Garden

So yesterday, I felt a bit like Ray Liotta from Goodfellas when he’s trying to do ten things at once right before he gets busted at the end of movie and rats out all of his friends. I had a three hour window where I had to get a lot of stuff done because my wife had a CPR class in the morning. I got most of it done but a friend of ours, who also hosted the party, was a rock star and without her help and the help of her husband we wouldn’t have been able to pull it out so a big shout out to the P’s for all of their help. At dinner that night G was asking what I was going to do for her 30th birthday and suggested that I throw her a ‘surprise’ party than noted that it would never work because I can’t keep a secret. Well keep it I did for two months – it was a challenge but I was able to hold on despite almost slipping alot in that last week.

I also want to thank everyone who came to the party – she was truly surprised and very appreciative to feel the love of all her friends.

The TSA – Warning to all Travelers!

In case you truly believed that your valuables were safe at the airport – think again! If you didn’t see this story you have to check it out to see just how quickly your valuables can disappear into the hands of a TSA thief with experience in identifying (by the x-ray scan) just what bags to check and which bags to let through. Not all of them are just looking for explosives either – some of them, like Pythias Brown, are seeking your cameras, laptops or iPads. Always keep your eye on these things because they can disappear quicker than you’d expect. Mr. Brown, at the time of his arrest, had sold more than $800,000 in electronics via eBay – that number is mind blowing! How could it possibly go undetected for so long?

Photo of the Day – Crime Scene or Logan Airport at Sunrise?

The sunrise over Logan Airport in Boston, Mass. it was the only time on this trip that I woke up and the sky of fire didn’t disappoint!

Make Way for Ducklings

Make Way for Ducklings is a children’s book written Robert McCloskey. The book tells a story of duck family who raise their ducklings in Boston Public Garden. The book was well received and won a number of awards for children’s literature – apparently it is still the official children’s book of Massachusetts (who knew that was even a thing?). Apparently though this caused some controversy and state legislatures blocked the naming because they thought the official book should be by Dr. Seuss who also lived/wrote in Massachusetts (tax dollars at work people – you can’t make this stuff up). After what I’m sure was a number of spirited debates they settled by naming Make Way for Ducklings the official children’s book of the state while making Dr. Seuss the official children’s author….phew crisis averted. This was overheard just after that vote was finalized:

Representative 1: Now who wants to talk about the state budget?
Representative 2: Nah, don’t we have any other ‘real’ problems to solve like the official state chowda?

Photo of the Day – Quack, Quack

This bronze statue rests in Boston Garden. The tallest duck is only 3 feet tall (the momma duck) but the baby ducks stretch back 35 feet so it is actually a pretty large structure in the middle of Boston Garden. I had to wait about 15 minutes to take a picture because children were climbing all over the ducks. Unfortunately, I didn’t time it out well enough to avoid the lawnmower in the upper right hand corner. I used a slight vignette to minimize the attraction of the eye up in that corner but I still look right at the guy everytime. I tried removing him in Photoshop but my skills are severely lacking to do that type of work.

Swan Boats

In Boston the ‘Swan Boats’ have been a tradition for more than 130 years. Every spring they put the boats in the water in the Boston Public Garden. The boats are available for rent throughout the day and people can go out on a nice leisurely trip around the water within one of the nation’s oldest public squares/common areas.

Photo of the Day

The boats are a combination of a pontoon boat and a bicycle and drivers pedal the boat to move it around in the water and give people a tour of the public garden.


It’s been years since I’ve had to study for a final exam. However, this is the weekend that I would have ‘officially’ started my summer break a few years ago. That’s because the CFA Exam weekend was yesterday. My wife however has been studying hard all week for her final exam on Tuesday night for Microbiology – I know sounds fascinating right? Not to me either but she seems to enjoy it so hopefully that means she will dominate it on Tuesday!

Photo of the Day

Following a business meeting I took Boston’s ‘T’ over to the Harvard campus to take some pictures. Ever since the movie Good Will Hunting came out I’ve always wanted to go to Harvard or MIT. I just thought Boston would be a tremendous place to go to school – however, instead of moving east after college graduation I moved slightly southwest to Chicago – things have seemed to work out so far I think.

School was in session and there were a lot of people out studying. It was a warm day and this girl was going over her notes while sitting underneath a tree on the Charles River. Seemed like a pretty picturesque setting to get more wicked smart.