We love the way you fly, or do we?

Read an article a couple days back slamming Spirit Airlines and I have mixed feelings. When I’m in Europe I subject myself to the bear bone operations of Ryan Air and EasyJet but here in America I turn all snobbish when it comes to flying. Maybe it is because our flights tend to be longer because destinations can be further apart – I don’t think I’ve ever flown one of the budget Euro Airlines for four hours like I do going ORD to LAX. At the same time though I never need anything on the plane – I rarely get a soda, peanuts are a thing of the past and I’m not exactly a ‘big’ guy so seat size is never an issue even when I’m even that poor schulb stuck in the middle seat. At the end of the day I think Spirit gets a raw deal from fliers who think they deserve things during the flight. We’ve been spoiled by air travel and unlike in Europe trains are not an issue so we are stuck. That’s my only main gripe. At least overseas you have an option – here you are stuck.

Photo of the Day – Vegas Strip


Vegas Baby

My sister got married in Vegas over the past summer – it was a beautiful wedding and a good time. However, with all the festivities going on I didn’t take too many pictures. This was one of the shots I took on a night I wasn’t feeling well after eating/drinking too much earlier in the evening. I’m not a big gambler so I don’t really get the appeal of Vegas but it certainly is an exciting town. There is always something going on – all day every day…

Daily Photo

We are planning a trip to Spain, Rome and Paris next spring so I’ll get the real Caesar’s Palace next year :)!