Sharks are Back

My favorite show came back on last night – Shark Tank on ABC. It’s amazing the success you can have with one great idea – the show really is the epitome of the American Dream. Sure there are some really dumb ideas (like Throcks) but for the most part when the people pitch their ideas I think they make a lot of sense and the way their businesses take off if they get money from the sharks is life changing.

Photo of the Day – Ixtapa Sunset

Taken with a Sony Cybershot P/S camera and I like the way it turned out. Sure it isn’t as good as some of the shots I take with my DSLR but point-and-shoots are getting much more competitive. In fact, Sony just came out with a new p/s camera that would probably put my DSLR to shame. However, the price tag reflects its superiority to other p/s and some DSLRs in the market.


Too much wine – well not all wine but alcohol this weekend. Not that I ever got sick or anything like that but here late on a Sunday night I’m definitely feeling the effects of it.

We did have a great weekend though packed with all that Chicago has to offer. BTE concert on Friday night at the Zoo (Jammin’ at the Zoo), Mud Wars early Sunday morning – the ‘race’ itself disappointed but the company and the day boozing after wards on a 83 degree day overlooking the city from Northerly Island made it well worth it. Another concert last night at the Taste of Lincoln and then my third round of golf of the summer early today (yes my golf game has slacked in the past two years but still shot a legit 100 and left a lot of putts that were make-able – ball striking was about as good as I remember being which wasn’t really good to begin with)…back to the daily grind tomorrow.

Photo of the Day – Wine over Ixtapa

Another photo taken on our honeymoon – this is pre-DSLR so all point and shoot but I still liked the composition and the way it turned out.


I was going through some old pictures that I took with my trusty old point-and-shoot and I found this from our honeymoon in Ixtapa, Mexico. We spent a week here and it was paradise – unfortunately I was still studying for exams at this point so I spent a few hours each day studying but I also drank my fair share of tequila. I always did study better with a little booze in me I guess…

Photo of the Day – Infinity Pool