Lama Photography Tips

There are a number of tutorials on the internet that describe photography and so many specialized websites dedicated to the process of High Dynamic Range (HDR), landscape, travel, macro or many other types of photography. All told it is a lot of information overload. I’ve spent alot of times on the various websites over the past 18 months trying to move from taking snapshots with my point and shoot to something more amateur and eventually hope to take it to some higher level. Through all of it though I have educated myself and come up with a handful of tips, tricks, techniques, etc… that I use whenever I’m out shooting. I thought it would be helpful to start collecting some of that information here for people like me who aren’t professional photographers. Those of us who didn’t go to school for photography and don’t understand necessarily the science behind it – what we do know is what looks good to us and what we find aesthetically pleasing to look it. At the end of the day isn’t that what we are trying to do? We are trying to create work that we can be proud of and that we enjoy to look at.

As someone who loves to travel – photography is the perfect hobby for me. I can always relive the various places by hopping onto my computer and browsing the various images. If you are like me and are hoping to do the same thing then I believe the content below will provide you with enough of a high level overview that you can practically apply some of this on your next trip to Europe or weekend camping trip with your family.

I hope you enjoy them – I’ll be adding more and while things may not be ‘technically’ correct to a professional photographer – the tips/tricks/techniques etc… are how I’ve evolved over the past year.

HDR Tips & Tricks

Landscape Photography Tips & Tricks


4 thoughts on “Lama Photography Tips

    • Thanks alot Mark. I’ve been working hard and have fully dove into the world of photography and am excited by all there is to learn. I appreciate the confidence boost and I’ll be taking a closer look at your pictures as well to learn more. Seems that you have an amazing collection of travel photos as well.

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