Grand Canyon Walls

One of the things that amazes me about the Grand Canyon was just the walls – from above they look one way but once you hike down into the canyon they take on a whole different meaning. If you ever visit the Canyon you have to hike down into it – you don’t need to go all the way to the bottom (although I think if you have the chance you should) but go at least half way down and look up. It amazed me just how deep it goes. Yes, you get a sense of it from the top, but you can’t comprehend it until you are below the walls – trust me.

Photo of the Day – Repetition

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Good set of meetings today – pretty packed agenda with little time to do any photography. I’m down in Dallas and will be teeing off tomorrow at 8:30 AM at Tour 18 golf course. Does ‘work’ get any better than that? Hopefully, I can tolerate the 90+ temps that we haven’t felt in Chicago in well over a month (Thank God!).

Daybreak in the Grand Canyon

“Everything you can imagine is real.”

― Pablo Picasso

If I didn’t see it I wouldn’t believe it existed. A simply amazing place.

Photo of the Day – Daybreak Grand Canyon

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Daybreak on the Vishnu Temple

The Vishnu Temple in the Grand Canyon is one of three prominent rock formations named after Hindu Gods. It received its name in the 1880s from Charles Dutton who published one of the first books on the geology of the Canyon. He believed that the canyon was such an important place that the names of its features should reflect all of the world’s cultures (from mythology to religion). Other examples of some of the rock formations names are Solomon Temple, Jupiter Temple, Cheops Pyramid and Tower of Ra.

Photo of the Day – Daybreak on the Vishnu Temple

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It was too dark in the morning to see into the depths of the canyon but the horizon was lighting up and the colors were framing Vishnu’s Temple in the distance. I zoomed in the camera as far as it would go and took a single shot of the outline of the temple against the pink sky. As the sun breaks over the top of the canyon and everything below you lights up and the canyon comes to life…I’m not sure there is a better place in the world than the Grand Canyon to watch the day break.

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So many times I’ve returned from trips and experienced that sinking feeling when you see a photo of something that was within walking distance or a short drive from where you were but for whatever reason you just missed it. It happens to the best of them but here is an article to help us all avoid those moments and make the best of the time we spend in an unfamiliar place.

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Photo of the Day – Sunrise at Mather Point

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You wouldn’t think it but the Grand Canyon has to be one of, if not the, hardest places to photograph in the world. You’d think that since it is such a beautiful place that it’d be easy to take a good shot but therein lies the problem….the vastness and size of it is a large part of the beauty. There is so much that you just want to capture it all. In this shot I was swarmed with other photographers trying to take the shot from the exact same viewpoint so I couldn’t move (or else I’d lose my spot in the front row on the railing) so I had to try different compositions of the same shot. I zoomed in here and made the cliff the main subject of the photograph. The sunrising in the distance adds interest as does the darkened canyon below. Seeing the Grand Canyon absolutely takes your breath away. There is nothing like it.

Raining in the Dessert

The sky was stubbornly grey throughout most of the day but towards the end of the day there was a slight opening in the sky that led to a nice sunset. The bonus to the scene was that it was raining in the distance out over the Grand Canyon and the reflection of the late day sun on the storm created a nice trail across the sky.

Photo of the Day – Raining in the Dessert

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Getting on a plane to head back to Chicago this afternoon. I barely slept last night so a nice glass of wine on the plane should be enough to put me right out for a few hours. Everything with the meeting went well today though – love it when clients are happy. 🙂


So my parents used to watch M.A.S.H. as it was ahead of my time. I’m sure I sat there staring at the ‘idiot box’ wondering what was going on but never fully comprehended what I was watching.

Photo of the Day – First Responders

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At the top of every trail, which because the Canyon goes straight down is where the trail starts, is a sign that clearly tells people not to head into the canyon if they have health issues. This is for the ‘hero’ hikers who want to do the base and top in one day – yes, it is possible but no it is not advisable. This hike is only 18.6 miles roundtrip but you are gaining over a mile in elevation so the steepness of the hike is not to be ignored. That is where I think most hikers go wrong. The going down portion of the hike is easy but getting out of the canyon is a challenge.

During one of our hikes into the canyon we noticed an abnormal amount of helicopter activity. We carried on our way and I snapped a few pictures as the camera landed. However, we’d come to find out later that a 70+ year old man attempted to hike to the base and back in a single day and had a heart attack during the climb out. The helicopter was there to airlift him to the hospital – he didn’t make it and we learned the following day of his passing. I understand that need to not be restricted but this to me was fairly silly because most 20 y/o could not accomplish the feat he undertook. That being said I commend him for attacking life and doing what he needed to do to be happy – instead of waiting for death he vigorously attacked his fate and tried his best to avoid it.