Chicago Skyline

Among the top in the world and one of the easiest to shoot because of the accessibility of a the lake front which juts out just south of the downtown area. This provides a nice viewing point for sunsets behind some of the world’s tallest buildings. Four of the seven tallest in America are in downtown Chicago (Three – Sears Tower, Trump Tower and the Aon Center) are in this picture. A little farther north – just out of the frame is the John Hancock Center.

Photo of the Day – The Skyline at Sunset

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Supermoon Sunset

We had some rain in the afternoon yesterday which almost caused me to sit at home and not go downtown to take pictures of the super moon yesterday evening. After some back and forth my wife convinced me that the rain was going to get out of the area before the moon rise so I hopped on my bike and headed towards the Adler Planetarium. It remained grey and overcast for most of the time but shortly before 8 the skies seemed to clear a bit behind the Sears Tower and some colors started to come through. I took plenty of shots as the city lights turned on against the orange and purple of the skies behind them. From where I was standing the sun was setting directly behind the Sears Tower so you can see a little burst of color right off the right hand side of the building.

Photo of the Day – Sunset Behind the Sears

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I rode my bike around to the other side of the lakefront (almost directly in front of the Sears Tower) to get some pictures of the Super Moon coming up over the Adler Planetarium. I got a couple of good shots but haven’t had a chance to process the photos yet. In a few days when work slows a bit I’ll try to work on those and get them up here.

Venice Traffic

Traffic in Venice is unlike anywhere else in the world. As cars, motorcycles, pedal bikes, etc… are all banned on the island which means the only mode of transportation (outside of your feet) is to take a trip on a boat up one of the canals. We sat on a bridge on the walk home from dinner one night watching the boats come in and out – these weren’t the romantic gondolas – but were the working boats that the residents use to get to and from their homes to work, bars, wherever they are going.

Photo of the Day – Traffic Streaks

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Off to LA in the morning for a couple of days of work – naturally I’m going to get some pictures in. Worked on my shot list tonight so that I have an idea of where I want to go take a few pictures when I land in the afternoon.