Times Certainly Have Changed at the Super Bowl Party

Good superbowl tonight and I appreciated the 34 minute power outage that coincided with my drive back from the suburbs of Chicago where I watched the first half. We each have a lot to do tomorrow and had to do that responsible adult thing of not drinking too much and getting into bed at a decent time…oh to being an adult.

This is the seventh straight year I’ve gone to the same guys house for the super bowl. He used to live a few blocks away from me but is now a forty mile drive to the burbs. Not only the location of the party has changed but also the crowd at the party – where there used to be kegs of beer, shots of whiskey after touchdowns, post game festivities, etc… is now replaced with jump-a-roos, mini-basketball and babies on the way. It certainly leads me to realize our core group of friends are getting older but that’s okay because with age comes a non-hungover workday tomorrow. However, I expect many of our younger workers to be less than productive tomorrow.

Photo of the Day – Arlington National Cemetery

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We were out in Washington DC and spending some time in Arlington National Cemetery. In the distance was the Pentagon and stretched around me were the graves of many soldiers that had lost their lives going to battle to defend the nation on orders from, mainly, those individuals situated in that five sided building. I found that to be somewhat ironic.