French Quarter Landmark

The St. Louis Cathedral in the French Quarter (New Orleans) is such a beautiful church. It is here that my wife and I got married a few years ago. Each time I look at pictures of the church it makes me remember that amazing day. This view is across the street from the Cathedral. A few doors down the historic Cafe Du Monde cranks out hot, fresh and delicious beignets 24 hours a day.

We try to visit New Orleans once a year and I always stop by and take pictures of the church. It is one of my favorite places in the world.

Photo of the Day – French Quarter Cathedral

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New Orleans Courtyard

It’s still winter in Chicago – snow/sleet/slush tomorrow and Tuesday. The ten day forecast looks a little better with temps in the forties by mid-next week but still hoping for some warmer days ahead.

I took this picture while in New Orleans over Christmas. I was wearing shorts and t-shirt and temps were in the 70s. That was pretty nice.

Photo of the Day – Christmas Courtyard

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I’m off to Banff this week – excited to get up there and spend a few days taking pictures throughout the park. It will be cold and snowy but regardless of the weather I’m going to be out there shooting sunrise to sunset.

Climbing the Stairway to Heaven

This is part of the Immigration Memorial statue on the waterfront in New Orleans. The sunset was perfect that day but I didn’t have my tripod (Doh!) so I had to fire off some shots handheld. Initially, I was going to try and HDR the scene but as you all know doing handheld HDR in poor lighting is very difficult because of how steady the camera has to be. Instead I decided to expose for the sky and leave a silhouette of the statue outlined against the background. I lightened the statue a tad in Lightroom but otherwise did very little to the photo.

Photo of the Day – Guiding the way

Like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer guiding through a blizzard I’m sure there is someone who will guide you in the afterlife. We always hear about the ‘light’ to the afterlife – maybe that is the star – following it to the next phase of our journey. ‘Life is the train, not the station…’ Today we celebrate the life of my grandfather who will be following that star to heaven.

What does Santa do for New Year’s Eve? Well go to New Orleans of course…

Legend has it that Santa lives up in the North Pole but even he needs a little down time after his busy season so like the rest of us he likes to take it on down to Bourbon Street to party. We were walking around in the French Quarter when we happened to stumble into Rudy’s Red Nose Inn – Santa was generously pouring shots of Jameson and Rudolph was already dancing on the roof of the place. Can’t imagine what this scene will look like at midnight tonight – especially if LSU picks up a ‘W’ in the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl tonight.

Photo of the Inn – Holiday Cheer

This party is getting rowdy….

Happy New Year!


I hate hackers….I know there are alot of people that still shred their mail and worry about their information being stolen that way but the real issues are electronically. Sat down to my computer this evening to find that I had about 8 different transactions this evening via paypal all to the same person in the approximate same amount but of course I never made any of those transactions. Hopefully we will get this sorted out this week. This instance is such a bigger threat than someone dumpster diving and pulling my credit card number that way IMO.

Photo of the Day – Jackson Square

We just got back from Detroit and have two more trips planned this month. We will be in Seattle for around a week – partially for work and partially for pleasure and then will be in New Orleans/New Iberia with my wife’s family over Christmas. Looking forward to both trips.


Found out today that my Grand Canyon at Sunset Picture picture was featured on – The #1 Featured Photographer Blog on the Web – the feature some amazing photographers and just being on the same site with some of them is intimidating but I am very appreciative that the brothers who run the site thought that the image was worthy to be shown there with the others. So from the bottom of my heart – thank you so much for the boost! It really helps me carry on and continue developing and learning. I hope that you will all go check out their website and support their promotion of amateurs like myself.

Photo of the Day – Street Musicians

We were walking down Royal Street on a hot day in New Orleans and a bunch of street performers were playing some amazing country/rock music – they were selling CDs and collecting tips as well. A man coming back from picking up his dry cleaning liked them so much he started dancing and did so for a few songs. He was joined by a few others and all of a sudden we were in the middle of a big party in the street. Royal street is closed to traffic a few days a week so they weren’t blocking traffic or anything but just the randomness of the little get together was a cool experience that was very New Orleans.

Mighty Mississippi

The port of New Orleans on the mighty Mississippi River and the Steamboat Natchez. There wasn’t many people out (surprisingly) in New Orleans for sunrise – perhaps it’s because everyone is sleeping off their hangovers. Better for me though as it allows me to get out and take some shots before the city wakes up.

Photo of the Day – Mississippi Steamer

Short post today as I have a game five to get ready for. Well technically I don’t have to do anything but sit on the couch, drink some beer and watch Verlander (hopefully) shut the A’s down and make me forget that the Jester (Jose Valvarde) blew the save last night that could have had the Tigers sitting pretty in the ALCS.

Go Tigers!