Back to Banff…Work has its Perks

I scheduled a meeting for the end of this month with a client in Calgary. We talked about the flooding and the tremendous effort that all of the volunteers are making – to the point where some are being turned away – and it really is amazing how well communities come together when faced with adverse conditions. If only we all functioned like that everyday the world would be a better place. During the call we set meeting dates for August 1st and 2nd so I’ll be off in Calgary for a couple of days. As always I’m going to try to take advantage of the situation and spend a few days over the weekend in Banff National Park. I’d like to extend the trip (of course) but I have two meetings in Detroit on August 6th so I won’t be able to make it more than two days. That’s okay though because I should have another meeting out that way in late September when I am less busy at the office and can afford to take some more PTO and do some serious hiking. Just praying for better weather the next time out.

Photo of the Day – Mount Rundle Reflection

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This is the most famous peak in the Canadian Rockies – Mount Rundle – and it is not hard to see why with the jagged edges and imposing size. The Vermillion Lakes were frozen over so I was able to walk (carefully) out onto the ice and get some reflection shots in the open water. This was the one night I actually had a semblance of a sunset – although without the cloud cover over top of the mountain there wasn’t too much color in the sky….beggars can’t be choosers.