Grand Canyon Walls

One of the things that amazes me about the Grand Canyon was just the walls – from above they look one way but once you hike down into the canyon they take on a whole different meaning. If you ever visit the Canyon you have to hike down into it – you don’t need to go all the way to the bottom (although I think if you have the chance you should) but go at least half way down and look up. It amazed me just how deep it goes. Yes, you get a sense of it from the top, but you can’t comprehend it until you are below the walls – trust me.

Photo of the Day – Repetition

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Good set of meetings today – pretty packed agenda with little time to do any photography. I’m down in Dallas and will be teeing off tomorrow at 8:30 AM at Tour 18 golf course. Does ‘work’ get any better than that? Hopefully, I can tolerate the 90+ temps that we haven’t felt in Chicago in well over a month (Thank God!).

Back to Banff…Work has its Perks

I scheduled a meeting for the end of this month with a client in Calgary. We talked about the flooding and the tremendous effort that all of the volunteers are making – to the point where some are being turned away – and it really is amazing how well communities come together when faced with adverse conditions. If only we all functioned like that everyday the world would be a better place. During the call we set meeting dates for August 1st and 2nd so I’ll be off in Calgary for a couple of days. As always I’m going to try to take advantage of the situation and spend a few days over the weekend in Banff National Park. I’d like to extend the trip (of course) but I have two meetings in Detroit on August 6th so I won’t be able to make it more than two days. That’s okay though because I should have another meeting out that way in late September when I am less busy at the office and can afford to take some more PTO and do some serious hiking. Just praying for better weather the next time out.

Photo of the Day – Mount Rundle Reflection

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This is the most famous peak in the Canadian Rockies – Mount Rundle – and it is not hard to see why with the jagged edges and imposing size. The Vermillion Lakes were frozen over so I was able to walk (carefully) out onto the ice and get some reflection shots in the open water. This was the one night I actually had a semblance of a sunset – although without the cloud cover over top of the mountain there wasn’t too much color in the sky….beggars can’t be choosers.

Supermoon Sunset

We had some rain in the afternoon yesterday which almost caused me to sit at home and not go downtown to take pictures of the super moon yesterday evening. After some back and forth my wife convinced me that the rain was going to get out of the area before the moon rise so I hopped on my bike and headed towards the Adler Planetarium. It remained grey and overcast for most of the time but shortly before 8 the skies seemed to clear a bit behind the Sears Tower and some colors started to come through. I took plenty of shots as the city lights turned on against the orange and purple of the skies behind them. From where I was standing the sun was setting directly behind the Sears Tower so you can see a little burst of color right off the right hand side of the building.

Photo of the Day – Sunset Behind the Sears

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I rode my bike around to the other side of the lakefront (almost directly in front of the Sears Tower) to get some pictures of the Super Moon coming up over the Adler Planetarium. I got a couple of good shots but haven’t had a chance to process the photos yet. In a few days when work slows a bit I’ll try to work on those and get them up here.

Times Certainly Have Changed at the Super Bowl Party

Good superbowl tonight and I appreciated the 34 minute power outage that coincided with my drive back from the suburbs of Chicago where I watched the first half. We each have a lot to do tomorrow and had to do that responsible adult thing of not drinking too much and getting into bed at a decent time…oh to being an adult.

This is the seventh straight year I’ve gone to the same guys house for the super bowl. He used to live a few blocks away from me but is now a forty mile drive to the burbs. Not only the location of the party has changed but also the crowd at the party – where there used to be kegs of beer, shots of whiskey after touchdowns, post game festivities, etc… is now replaced with jump-a-roos, mini-basketball and babies on the way. It certainly leads me to realize our core group of friends are getting older but that’s okay because with age comes a non-hungover workday tomorrow. However, I expect many of our younger workers to be less than productive tomorrow.

Photo of the Day – Arlington National Cemetery

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We were out in Washington DC and spending some time in Arlington National Cemetery. In the distance was the Pentagon and stretched around me were the graves of many soldiers that had lost their lives going to battle to defend the nation on orders from, mainly, those individuals situated in that five sided building. I found that to be somewhat ironic.

What does Santa do for New Year’s Eve? Well go to New Orleans of course…

Legend has it that Santa lives up in the North Pole but even he needs a little down time after his busy season so like the rest of us he likes to take it on down to Bourbon Street to party. We were walking around in the French Quarter when we happened to stumble into Rudy’s Red Nose Inn – Santa was generously pouring shots of Jameson and Rudolph was already dancing on the roof of the place. Can’t imagine what this scene will look like at midnight tonight – especially if LSU picks up a ‘W’ in the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl tonight.

Photo of the Inn – Holiday Cheer

This party is getting rowdy….

Happy New Year!