View from the Hancock at Sunset (Chicago, Illinois)

The view from the 360 Degree skydeck in the Hancock Center in Chicago, Illinois is one of the best in the United States. For a photographer since you can’t get up there for sunrise the best time to be up there is at sunset when you have a chance of the sky lighting up in pink and purple colors.

Of course, Chicago hasn’t always been known for being such a photogenic and metropolitan city. The nickname ‘second city’ was a slight from the New York papers around the time of the World’s Fair that was hosted here in 1893.

Here is the difference between Dante, Milton, and me. They wrote about hell and never saw the place. I wrote about Chicago after looking the town over for years and years.

Carl Sandburg, 1961

View from the Hancock at Sunset – Chicago, Illinois

At sunset we sat at the top of the Hancock Tower in Chicago, Illinois and watched the sunset. The clouds lit up with some pink colors a few minutes after the sun went down and I was able to take a few pictures of the skyline with the nice sky accenting it.

A week from today we will be on the plane to Paris for a little over a week. We are both pretty excited and ready for some spring weather. Chicago just experienced the coldest February on record – beating out the 1876 February by a half of degree on average. Unlike in past years though it was a constant cold rather than extreme cold – sure we had a few days where the temps didn’t raise above single digits but we didn’t have those periods of time where the wind chills were negative for a week at a time. Of course, with the lowest average of all-time that means we didn’t have the occasional 40 degree day that we normally do.