New Website (Finally)

After a few weeks (okay maybe it was more like a year) I finally created a new website so after several years of posting here I’m going to be moving over to a website that is more customizable and allows images to be displayed directly on the website even larger than the platform does.

The website is

I’m not that old (only 36) but trying to create a website – even with all of the templates out there – that I was happy with was challenging and until NextGen Pro was launched to host the galleries I wasn’t sold that moving to a new platform was worth it. However, they make the galleries/portfolios look so nice that I decided to give it a go. I ‘published’ my first post over there last night so it is live and I’d love for you to go over there, read the post, look at the pictures and ultimately follow me! We’ve got some amazing travel coming up in the next nine months – St. Lucia in October, Charleston in December and Hawaii in April 🙂 so I promise you there will be a lot of nice shots coming in the next year or so. In addition, I’m going to do a better job of expanding on the posts and describing:

1) How we take all these awesome trips without spending more than $1,000 or so out of pocket (leverage that credit score and make it work for you!) over the course of a couple weeks on lodging, cars, etc…. We do have to eat and of course the experiences are where we splurge. We’ve already decided to do an open door helicopter ride, kayaking and a sunset catamaran ride while on the beautiful island of Kauai

2) More photograph techniques

3) Some before/after photos to show you how I bring the feeling of ‘being’ there out in my images using Lightroom, Photoshop and other software

4) Weekly links to photography related articles that I’ve read or videos that I’ve watched. I’m constantly learning and evolving. That is one of my favorite things about photography – the learning never ends.

So hope you come over there and check me out – I look forward to the transition.

Maybe this will entice you as the most recent blog post has a couple of shots of the lions in Phinda – even one with a baby cub nursing. The shot below staring into the Lion’s eye turned out to be one of my favorite shots from the trip to Africa we took earlier this year.

Lions in Phinda

The Eye of the Lion

Lions in Phinda


Rainy Morning in Venice

Our first morning in Venice we had some rain that lingered through much of the day. I went out early in hopes of catching the sunrise but the grey clouds blocked the color from coming through. In the distance you can see the pink tone of the sunrise but it just never quite came into the sky elsewhere.

Photo of the Day – Rainy Morning in Venice

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Lions and Tigers (no Bears) Oh My!

I woke up and went out and tried to shoot the sunrise this morning but unfortunately there wasn’t much of one. That was okay though I just spent more time taking pictures of other places downtown Chicago that are normally swarmed with tourists. This is one of the two lions that sits outside the art museum in Chicago and typically there would be tourists hanging all over them. I don’t think that is ‘allowed’ but people still do it anyways.

We are off to a friends house to watch LSU take on Alabama tonight. G is a LSU grad but she is usually too nervous to watch the game. Luckily, my friend’s wife and two kids will be around so while he and I watch the game she will probably be upstairs watching Disney movies or playing pretty princesses.

Photo of the Day – Geaux Tigers (and the Detroit Lions)

Sure it’s not a Tiger (here’s a Tiger) but at least it’s in the feline animal kingdom….and for those watching football this afternoon. WTF is going with the Irish? Going to get upset by Pitt?! Yikes!