Honeycomb Buildings – Chicago, IL

The Marina City buildings in Chicago – often referred to as the honeycomb buildings – sit on the Chicago River in one of the nicest areas of the city. Mixed between residential and commercial use the two towers were built in 1965 by legendary architect Bertrand Goldberg. At the time of the completion of the project it stood as the tallest residential complex ever built (65 stories) and included a five story elevator. It has been surpassed now by many buildings throughout the world (and Chicago) but the unique honeycomb/corncob shape still makes it one of the most fascinating buildings along the Chicago River.

Honeycomb Buildings – Chicago, IL

Marina City Chicago IL

I focused in on the details of the building and liked the contrast of the curved porches with the darker building across the street from it.

If you want to see what the buildings look like from afar – here is a good picture of them at 500px.com by Kevin Cobos