Sharks are Back

My favorite show came back on last night – Shark Tank on ABC. It’s amazing the success you can have with one great idea – the show really is the epitome of the American Dream. Sure there are some really dumb ideas (like Throcks) but for the most part when the people pitch their ideas I think they make a lot of sense and the way their businesses take off if they get money from the sharks is life changing.

Photo of the Day – Ixtapa Sunset

Taken with a Sony Cybershot P/S camera and I like the way it turned out. Sure it isn’t as good as some of the shots I take with my DSLR but point-and-shoots are getting much more competitive. In fact, Sony just came out with a new p/s camera that would probably put my DSLR to shame. However, the price tag reflects its superiority to other p/s and some DSLRs in the market.