Atlas Statue in Front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral (New York City)

In front of Rockefeller Center (i.e. “30 Rock”) sits the “Atlas Statue” where Greek god Atlas is holding the universe above his head toward the heavens. Naturally, the statue is positioned directly across from the immaculate St. Patrick’s Cathedral. As I was taking this picture a tour guide was with a group and asked them ‘why the artist decided to position the statue in this location’ and the answer he gave was that it represented New York as the ‘center of the universe’.

Off to LA (I’m going to try and take some pictures at the beach if I have time) and Minnesota this week. A lot of flying for a couple hours of meetings but at least I get a decent chunk of miles for it. The American Airlines announced changes today to their mileage program which would make this trip a little less enticing.

Atlas Statue in Front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral (New York City)

Atlas in Front of St. Patrick's Cathedral (New York City)

Grand Central Station (New York City)

This week I spent a few days for work in New York City and while the weather was less than cooperative as it constantly drizzled/rained on my proverbial parade I still tried to get out and take some pictures during downtime from work/meetings. This was my first time in Grand Central Station and I spent some time walking around and while they certainly don’t allow tripods to just be sprawled out the architects had us photographers in mind when they positioned the staircases and wide ledges in a fantastic spot to rest a camera and hit the shutter for a steady shot at a long(er) exposure time.

Grand Central Station (New York City)

Grand Central Station (New York City)

Busy weekend with the family and then a last minute trip to Kansas City at some point next week – should be fun! Hope the weather gets a bit better in Chicago and we actually start to believe it is “spring”.