The figure at the end of a long and dark hallway

In Seattle I ducked out of the rain into an old historic church in hopes of firing off a few shots before someone came along to tell me that ‘my kind’ (i.e. photographers) were not welcome there with all of my photo gear. To my surprise after a few minutes of sitting in a pew and paying my respects no one came along. After about ten minutes I gathered to courage to breakout the tripod – this was my first shot. I noticed this side alter as soon as I entered the church – it was dark with the exception of the candlelight and I thought the dark hallway would make a nice lead to the statue at the end.

Photo of the Day – Mary’s Altar

Outside of me there were not many other patrons in the church – my understanding after reviewing the pamphlet is that the St. James Church/Cathedral was one of the oldest (if not the oldest) in the state of Washington but still there were not many other people that seemed interested in it – outside of the others escaping the rain (homeless who were drying their socks on the benches). It made me actually feel somewhat bad for religion which seems to be quickly diminishing in importance in this country. I wonder what the landscape will look like forty years from now? How many churches will be Starbucks Coffee Houses or McDonald’s restaurants?


Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Great movie and my life this week and the next two – not that I’m complaining. Really enjoyed my time in LA (including the work meeting) and heading out to Denver Sunday morning for another meeting. My client is going to take me hiking on Monday so hopefully I’ll get some good shots of the Rockies.

This picture is from the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan – it is a 1939 Douglas DC-3 and this plane flew more than 12 million miles over the course of 23 years in service. I’m hoping the plane we take is much younger than this one.

Photo of the Day

My wife and I will also be out in the DC area in about a month and I’m hoping to check out the air & space Smithsonian Museum to catch some other plane pictures. The good thing with this museum is that they allowed tripods. I don’t think the DC museums are as tripod friendly.