Looking for a Hotel? Here are some tips

Found an article online the other day titled ‘Best Hotel Booking Websites for Travel’ that I wanted to share. I clicked on the article thinking I knew all the tricks and that this would confirm that the sites I was looking on were certainly on the list. I was wrong. Not a single one. It introduced me to eight new websites I’d never heard of and I assume most people haven’t either. There are some catches of course since most of these hotel websites are more ‘specialized’ then your standard Venere.com, Booking.com, hotwire.com, etc… If you do happen to be heading to one of the places where these sites operate I’d be interested in knowing if the rates are actually cheaper than what I can get on the ‘standard’ websites.

Photo of the Day – Up on the Rooftop

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The whole time we were in Munich it was grey and rainy. Unfortunately, because they were also prepping for a major sporting event at the time (world games? world cup? I forget which) a lot of the buildings were also under major construction so the facades were also covered and/or the buildings were closed… Therefore, we wound up seeing the insides of a lot of coffee shops. However, it just gives us a reason to go back – it is the city of beer after all and I do love soft pretzels so you won’t have to twist my arm.

Walt Disney World?

Well not exactly – see this is only the castle that inspired the Disney Castle. This is Neuschwanstein (pronounced in my American accent New-Schwan-Stone) Castle in Germany. The castle was commissioned by the Mad King Ludwig and it was the building of this castle which essentially bankrupt his entire family – shortly after his death which was suspicious at best (he and his doctor drowned in waist high water lake) – his family opened the castle to public for tours and slowly recouped their wealth.

This picture was taken from Mary’s Bridge which is about a mile hike up into the mountains! It was a gorgeous day for a hike with sun peaking through the clouds and temps in the fifties.

This castle – and hike up the mountain – were recently featured on the Amazing Race TV Show that has contestants traveling around the world.

The Amazing View!